a non-profit that is tapping into kid wellness through storytelling.























a program, a movement

The Wildling is on a mission to empower youth to share bravely from their lived stories in a safe and meaningful way. They help kids and teens craft their narratives and express out loud, encouraging them to speak their minds, trust each other, and feel the power of being heard.




provocative and cool


Rare is the true artist who can also cultivate a marketing edge. Christi has an almost uncanny ability to deeply listen and understand an idea from it's infancy. What started as the spark of a thought—The Wildling— blossomed as she led me into a process of finding and hearing what my project wanted from me. Words became images, and the two married into a profoundly cohesive brand. I believe her design speaks for itself: singular, rare, inventive, and completely intuitive. The Wildling now lives in a visual space that carries its essence both emotionally and artistically in one fell swoop. Thank you, Christi.”


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