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As a cross-functional executive, keynote speaker and calculated risk-taker, Kim Bohr, CEO & Executive Consultant of The Innovare Group, loves to help companies and leaders overcome the strategic hurdles that are holding them back.

Her drive to bring alignment to companies, on a national level, is founded in the belief that business has an obligation to evolve in specific critical areas in order to be the best it can be to it's employees, customers and stakeholders:  1. Getting your house in order,  2. Empower, don't enslave, and 3. Advancing women ensures success.

With these three in mind, we were able to create a more cohesive, national brand, clarify the message and update the website.  



Clarity. Focus. Action.

Like a Swiss watch or precision surgeon, The Innovare Group brings in the right tools and makes everything work like a well-oiled machine. This idea is reflected in the use of a 'precision lens' for the logo and graphic elements.


branded icons

A customized icon system that allows users to quickly identify and understand TIG's innovative strategies and processes.




I partnered with Christi to develop the visual brand of my company that included selecting the colors and imagery that would be reflective of how it was evolving and maturing. I brought into our conversation brand strategy work I had previously done; however, it didn’t include the visual side of the brand. Christi’s process of bringing that strategy work to life visually was fantastic. She took me through a visual brand discovery process she created that challenged me to distill what the complete brand really meant to me and my customers. I appreciated the framework she used and discussion we had around each piece. I was incredibly pleased with each element she developed and how it all ultimately came together into the new website she built for The Innovare Group. Christi is very easy to work with, encourages thorough feedback throughout the process and is an incredibly talented designer. I couldn’t recommend her enough to people who are looking for this level of expertise! 



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