Brilliant branding turns a quality service into an unforgettable experience.






Elemental Studio is a full-service branding and design studio based in Minneapolis and led by Christi Williford, Brand Alchemist Extraordinaire. We’re always eager to connect with new clients and puzzle through their marketing, design, and communications needs, so take a peek at our menu of services and see what resonates.

Brand Strategy

Let’s get one thing straight: Cultivating an authentic, resonant, strategic brand is crucial to success. Without a clear identity and communications roadmap, your business will fumble along, missing opportunities and confounding customers. Distinctive branding isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a prerequisite.

We’re here to guide you toward the elemental essence of your business. Over decades of work with global corporations, scrappy startups, and pioneering entrepreneurs, we’ve honed a collaborative, illuminating system for defining the essential facets of your brand. After we’ve completed all of the exploratory steps together, you’ll have:


A brand audit to direct your communications decisions moving forward

Brand positioning that sets you apart from competition

Brand message & tone for communications and marketing tactics

A brand story that captures your core traits in clear, elegant language

A business name that’s equal parts strategy and magic


This offering is front-and-center because we truly believe that branding should be a holistic process. Every word and image should inspire people to take action. When you engage branding on purpose and build a brand that truly matters, the more weight it pulls and the less time and money you have to spend marketing it. Reach out for details and pricing.


Brand Identity

We adore partnering with clients for the full branding journey, but we also excel at distillation. Let us help you craft the core elements of your brand by designing your logo, visual identity, and style bible. Through an abbreviated version of our full-scale branding process, we’ll discuss and refine the key colors, phrases, and graphic elements that form the heart of your company’s unique character. This offering includes:


A logo/logotype design that reflects your unique identity and mission

A corporate identity system that visually unites your brand through color and image

Supporting graphic systems for internal and external use

Style guides to help shape communications and marketing tactics


Although a new logo is NOT the same as a new brand, it can be a step in the right direction. And when paired with the exploratory work of our Brand Identity package, refreshed visuals can breathe new life into your company’s public persona. Reach out for more information.

Brand Experience

Need help with on-the-ground offering rollouts? We’re here for you; Our tiny fleet of marketing geniuses will work closely with you to develop potent messaging and cultivate targeted tactics. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a new business direction, or promoting an event, we’ll help you determine the best ways to broadcast your story. This package includes:


In-store experience that visually expresses your brand and goals

Packaging and print design that authentically captures your essence

User interface design that seamlessly connects you to your customers

Website design & development to ensure your online and in-person presences align

Social media support so you can spread the word far and wide


Ready to make beautiful branding alchemy together?